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Movie Ideas

As a writer, I’m usually very protective of my ideas. But then I got to thinking, who am I to deprive others of my genius? Besides, I can’t possibly write a screenplay for every plot line I come up with. That said, I submit to you these movie ideas. Feel free to make them your […]

This Is The Dawning of The Age of . . . Me

Hey, don’t you hate it when you ask someone when their birthday is and they won’t tell you? “Guess,” they say. Oh, that should be easy. After all, there are only, what, 365 days in the year? Hm, let me take a stab at it. Is it June 11? No? How ’bout March 8? Well, […]

Inappropriate Secret-Santa Gifts

Yes, kids, it’s that time of year again. Time to take part in that yearly ritual where you draw a name out of a hat and pray to Allah that it’s someone you actually like. It’s Secret Santa time. Not familiar with the Secret Santa concept? You obviously don’t work in an office environment. The […]

Interior Design Dos and Don’ts

Since I’ll be moving into my new place soon, I’ve been busy reading up on all the latest interior design tips. They’re really quite helpful. For instance, did you know you should avoid bright colours in the bedroom? Apparently, people find them very distracting. Good thing I read that article before I bought the day-glo […]

The Unforgettable Kiss™

Those of you ladies who’ve had the pleasure of knowing me intimately are quite aware of my expertise in the art of lip lovin’. I don’t want to toot my own horn, or use any tired cliches, but many of you have said (after regaining consciousness) that I should write a book and share my […]

Gift Wrapping Tips

Yes, it’s that time again, folks. And you know what that means: You gotta wrap some gifts. Of course, some of you Martha-Stewart types won’t need any help. You actually make your own wrapping paper and can create a bow that looks exactly like the ones we humans purchase to to stick on our packages […]

Advice for Men’s Clothing Designers

If you’re not a men’s clothing designer, please ignore this entry. I just want to speak to the designers this time. Thanks. First, let me just say, you’ve come up with some great stuff. Love the new fall line. Great fabrics. Nice cuts. But what’s with the fuckin’ logos? Do you really think we like […]