Contact Me?

posted by Smivey

Hey, I think you clicked over here by mistake. You really want to contact me? Seriously? You’re sure? OK, fine. You can find me at Let the spamming begin.

  1. greenman Said,

    Great site! Hilarious writing. You could write a best-selling humor book!

  2. Smivey Said,

    Thanks, man. Maybe I will. Maybe I will.

  3. The Other Girl Said,

    Could you change the lines on this site to a brighter color? I can barely see the fields on my monitor at work.

  4. Smivey Said,

    What lines? Just turn up the brightness on your monitor.

  5. Ezekiel Said,

    The best site I’ve seen so far. Keep ’em coming!

  6. GrabbinChikinz Said,

    nice writing… i think greenman is right… you should write a book

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