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At a loss for words

Just last week, my stalker and I were at the Beverly Center, attempting to look like we could afford things there. On our way down the escalators, I noticed two teenagers in front of us wearing Ed Hardy clothing from head to toe (they even had on Ed Hardy tennis shoes). “Look,” I whispered to […]

Observation #2,091

You know, there is a nice thing about having a car with a bashed-in rear end: When you’re trying to change lanes, people really get out of your way.

Will Ferrell

I just finished reading this month’s issue of Esquire, and all I can say is Will Ferrell has some fucked up teeth. I mean, I thought I was in desperate need of some dental work. But, shit, this guy surpasses me by far. You’d think a big star like Ferrell would go through the pain […]

What is cool now?

Maybe I’m too old, but I just don’t get the popularity of Ashton Kutcher. I’ve watched his films. I’ve seen his hit TV shows. And frankly, I’m not that impressed. For instance, on the last episode of Punked, Ashton was proudly sporting an engineer cap. That really got me thinking: I myself used to wear […]