That Stage

posted by Smivey

I’ve come to that stage in my life where I just want to buy a small house with a lawn. Not that I love lawns. I just have this incredible urge to yell at kids to stay the hell off my lawn. But first I need a lawn. Otherwise, I would just look insane.

  1. dvl Said,


  2. Smivey Said,

    Please. Not even worth leaving a comment on an entry like this. But thanks for the gesture.

  3. Sylvia Said,

    Holy crap, you’re still alive and crabby. Like the crabgrass that will overtake your lawn.

  4. Smivey Said,

    Crabgrass? Not on my watch.

  5. GrabbinChikinz Said,

    I think you should post more stuff… cuz your crabby attitude is awesome

  6. Smivey Said,

    I think you should follow me on Twitter because my tweets are awesome and I am lazy. @realsmivey

  7. bobbie__emm Said,

    lawns are overrated unless you have a riding mower with a drink holder.

  8. Lisa Said,

    I was going to leave a comment about how cranky you are, but then I saw that you posted your Twitter ID thingy and it made me want to join Twitter just to read your fabulously dry wit and THEN I got distracted again by that Top Commenters list–three more and I win! That’s tempting…

    So…I think I just made this comment all about me. Cool. Sorry!

    Get a lawn!

  9. Smivey Said,

    Only three more comments to go, Lisa. C’mon, surely, you can find another blog entry to comment on (welcome back).

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