Hey, have you seen this new HBO show called Entourage? Well, if you haven’t, you have got to check it out. See it’s about this guy who becomes famous and lives with all his friends in a big house. Crazy.

The first episode was insane. Get this: All the guys hook up with these really hot chicks and then their celebrity friend buys a bunch of expensive stuff. Wicked, I know. But in the second episode, it really got crazy. See, this time, the celebrity guy buys a Bentley and then they all end up having sex with some really attractive women.

But the third episode is where things really start picking up. See, this time, it looks like the celebrity guy’s new movie is going to bomb. But everything turns out okay. Then he goes on a talk show and ends up shtuping his ex-girlfriend in her dressing room.

Well, it’s only a few hours now until I get to find out what happens in the next episode. I can’t wait. From what I understand, he buys some expensive stuff, and they meet some cute girls. But I have no idea what they’re going to do with them. I’m putting my money on the humping. But you never know.

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  1. B² wrote:

    Dude, this totally makes me wish I had cable. Totally. Like.

    Posted 18 Aug 2004 at 9:25 pm
  2. boredhousewife wrote:

    yeah, what B-squared said.

    i am more sick of reality shows than you are sick of being sick. or something.

    Posted 21 Aug 2004 at 2:09 am

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