Advertising Rant of the Week:
Borrowed Brilliance

I’ve got two words for you: “Got Milk?” Ever since this campaign came out, I’ve seen about a thousand bastardizations of it: “Got Insurance?” “Got Jesus?” “Got Pizza?” Just because an advertising campaign is incredibly successful and spins off t-shirts and merchandise, doesn’t mean that it’s going to work for your business. There’s no such thing as an easy solution to marketing. A lot of thought goes into it. And with the proper strategy, and great creative, that time and energy will pay off. So, even if you don’t want to create an original ad, do us all a favor and just do it (Don’t get me started with that one). Borrowed Brilliance sucks.

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  1. Glovia wrote:

    You’re are 100% correct here. Because if I see just one more “Got Jesus?” bumper sticker I’m gonna ram that car so hard, that sticker is going to be up that hoity-toity god-freak’s ass.

    Posted 19 May 2003 at 1:20 pm
  2. tiffany uk wrote:

    *The lead ups to Civil War were pretty bad. Marvel pitched “a fair and balanced” divide between the heroes and then turned Iron man into Marvel-nazi before the event even started. One issue of Spidey leading up to the event featured Stark paying Titanium Man to attack Congress to fear monger the SHRA into law. There were some great moments in Civil War, and some great followups (wolverine refusing to fight ,opting instead to track down the New Warriors Killer, Moon Knight not wanted by either side, The first class whupping Thor gave Iron man on his return). I’d certainly place it higher than Secret Invasion….where a Skrull posing as Elektra INSTANTLY turns all heroes against each other because if the skrulls can pose as a Z list human assassin, they can pose as anyone. Especially magic undetectable skrulls who only care about discrediting hank pym for the umpteenth time and making Spider-Woman cry. And double poop on bendis for once again, selling a pitch instead of crafting a story.

    Posted 08 Jul 2015 at 10:11 am

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